DPF Delete EGR ADBLUE / Removal Terms and Conditions

DPF Delete EGR Off Adblue Removal 
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These services are ONLY either for Racing Purposes, Holders of Primary producer exemptions within Australia OR for export-destined vehicles that are no longer required to meet ADR standards. Once the procedure has been performed the vehicle is no longer compliant with relevant ADR norms and therefore should not and cannot be operated whether On road or Off road within Australia (Unless you have a Primary Producer exemption related to bushfires). 

Its incumbent upon the owner - operator of the vehicle to check and ascertain if the vehicle meets regulatory requirements of Australia and/ or the destination country after the procedure has been performed and agree to keep us indemnified at all times. A signed declaration form mentioning the legitimate purpose of the delete being asked for alongwith with a sighted-copy of your driver licence shall be retained and may be shared with by relevant authorities under instruction / notice / request without your approval or consent.  

Please call us / inquire Only if you understand & agree to the above. Service available in Melbourne for cars, Utes, Suvs, 4wd and vans only.

Dpf delete

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Adblue Removal

DPF EGR ADBLUE Delete Agreement/Consent Form

The DPF EGR ADBLUE delete form is required to be signed completed in full and a sighted-copy of your driver licence retained for legal / regulatory purposes. All data collected may be turned over to relevant authorities upon request / notice / demand. Please do not proceed if you do not agree. Please note that making a false declaration is a criminal offence. If you / your vehicle is not entitled to undertake these modifications, please do the right thing and get the worn-out parts replaced.

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No completed form = No delete. No exceptions.